Friday, October 7, 2011

God is the Surf Bum of My Soul

Light breaking through the clouds over the Sea of Galilee

The waters of my soul
are delicately moving,
sloshing against the edges
of my consciousness.

I can feel God
within me.

Is His powerful hand,
like a net,
scooping up all that dirties
and sullies?

Is He riding a storm
in a little fishing boat,
sleeping on a cushion?

Is He walking on the water,
hand outstretched,
Asking me to join Him?

Or is He sitting
on the rock
of my identity
gazing out on the waters,
admiring what He has created?

O my soul,
behold your Creator.

O my soul,
that you could be
a worthy tabernacle!

O my soul,
that you could learn
from the divine presence
within you.


RAnn said...

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tagnes said...

Thanks RAnn, I'll check it out!

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