Friday, November 18, 2011

Advent & Straw

All that I have written appears to me
as much straw after the things
that have been revealed to me

- St. Thomas Aquinas

Baby Jesus is coming.

I have built a manger
for him in my soul.

He will have to
snuggle up
against the sharp, cool rocks
of fear, 
         and resentment.

I wish I could 
remove the rocks,
one by one,
and replace them
with the straw of 

Thomas Aquinas said 
that, in the end,
all of his brilliance
was straw.

Maybe that is better 
than the hard
edges of books 
and sharp, 
engraved awards 
for Theologian of the Year

Why can't we understand?
Instead of accomplishments,
dazzling arguments, 
sparkling success -

All Baby Jesus wants 
is soft, simple straw -
somewhere to lay his head
so his gentle cooing
and loving baby talk
- which we consider too simple
and unsophisticated for us -
can reach through our hearts 
to others.

Come, let us lovingly 
arrange the rocks of our soul
in preparation for Jesus this Advent

Only He can turn our rocks into straw.

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Jane said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Theresa.