Monday, July 23, 2012

LCWR and NPR - Airing Dirty Laundry

Who is getting hung out to dry?
The sisters or the bishops? Or us all?
Check out an article I wrote for Ignitum Today on the LCWR and an interview that their president Sr. Pat Ferrell recently gave on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

LCWR and NPR - Airing Dirty Laundry

If you are wondering what my angle is, well I try not to have an angle, except that I am a faithful Catholic trying to make sense of these things.

Here is an excerpt:

"I have read several different takes on the interview. On one side of the spectrum an article compared Sr. Pat to a manipulative 7-year old, and on another was a glowing account of the interview as a journalistic “breath of fresh air.” Both accounts left me feeling a bit queasy and depressed at the continued polarization of the Church that is exemplified in the ongoing debate over the LCWR."


Anonymous said...

Great article.
Personally, i think we should be right wing / conservative (and humble) in accepting the gift God gave to the Pope / bishops over faith / doctrine (including the sacraments).
But left wing or radical or rocking the boat in terms of evangelization, encouraging more prayer life / mysticism / spirituality in the Church in general, social justice, challenging clericalism and Catholic triumphalism, challenging Catholic puritanism/gnosticism/gloominess ...
And where we do challenge others in the Church (NOT over faith / doctrine - this is the preserve of the Pope and bishops) to do it with (tough) love in the spirit of Catherine of Sienna and not in a way that leads
to schism / schismatic-like anger (or heresy).
(i think) Ed

Jason Pannone said...

Excellent piece!

I am no longer comfortable using dated political categories like "left" and "right" when trying to live out and deepen my faith. All I am is a sinner, like everyone else, in needs of God's mercy, trying to live and love joyfully by His grace.

tagnes said...

Agreed Ed, we need to be balanced, discerning Catholics - which means the best of both worlds!

Jason - I think this is the road that many Catholics would benefit from taking - focusing more on our walk with Jesus in a community of faith rather than what divides us. We'd be a much happier, holier Church if more people did this.

Amen my brothers in Christ!